Preventive maintenance also called PM is the key to any maintenance program for commercial tractor trucks. With a preventive maintenance, vehicles are inspected, repaired, and maintained in such a way that defects are prevented from surfacing in the first place, before any major equipment failure. If vehicles are only brought into the shop when they need something, the program is not preventive. A maintenance program that is based on failure, such as if., you notice something has failed and you fix it. This type of maintenance program is destined to lead to down-time and the resulting costs of idle equipment. A preventive maintenance program, on the other hand, brings vehicles in for inspection and maintenance on a schedule, and repair any item that are at, or even approaching. This allows you to make repairs on your schedule, to try to prevent failures, and keep the vehicles rolling.

Preventive maintenance is also means being constantly on the lookout for things that might go wrong. It means getting the best, most cost-effective equipment for your tractor truck and then taking care of it. The PM philosophy is widely used, because it saves money. No one can argue with the bottom line. SO CALL US TODAY to make your service, maintenance, or repair.

What We Do:

Truck Oil and PM Service

Truck Transmission

Truck Engine

Truck Fuel Injectors

Truck EGR Valves

Truck Brake Services

​Air Conditioner Service
Truck Starter Repair
Truck Alternator Repair
Truck Air Leak Repair
Truck Hose Repair
Truck Battery Replacement
Truck Battery Jump Starter
Truck Air compressor Repair
Truck Air Governor Replacement
Truck Air Dryer Filter Replacement
Truck Air Dryer Leak
Truck Air line Fitting Repair
Truck Fuel Filter Replacement
Truck Axle Repair
Semi Trailer Axle Repair
Truck Radiator Repair
Truck Water Pump Repair
Truck Fuel Pump Repair
Truck Quick Release Valve Repair
Truck Fan Clutch Replacement
Truck Thermostat Replacement
Truck Air Brake Chamber Replacement
Truck Clutch Replacement
Truck Brakes Repair
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