Our Approach

We specialize in Used & New Medium/ Heavy Duty Truck, and Trailer Financing. We have assisted thousands of owner/operators with their financing needs.

NEW AND USED                                                                          NO GEOGRAPHIC RESRICTIONS
NO MILEAGE RESTRICTIONS                                                      NO YEAR RESTRICTIONS
NO CREDIT RESTRICTIONS                                                       GOOD CREDIT OR BAD CREDIT
Fast Professional Service

Financing W.W.E.L. has created simple programs that have huge, existing pool of capital available to fund prime and non-prime commercial vehicle loans. We have established multiple recourse relationships with financial institutions all over the country providing us with the flexibility and financial strength to help dealerships throughout  the US deliver the tough deals.

Program Flexibility

At Financing W.W.E.L. our programs are developed especially  for lending to collateral or credit challenged borrowers. We also can serve borrows needs on a multitude of fleet or equipment financing. Whether the borrower is a contractor, trucking business owner, manufacturer, courier, or self employed owner operator your  Financing W.W.E.L representative understands that commercial, fleet and owner operators have a more complex needs than traditional retail buyers. Financing  W.W.E.L. offers several different funding  programs. If an application doesn’t qualify for one credit level, we evaluate it for the next. You don’t have to fax the application to different lenders to have the application evaluated for different credit programs.

Meet the Team

Over 20+ Years of Sales and Leasing Experience.


Bill Lomicky

Founder & CEO

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Richie Lomicky

Vice President

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